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Learn More About Iran Terror Plots and Way Out

Iranian support on terror in Tehran’s war poses many questions to the entire world. The main one is whether America will finally respond. For three good decades, the Iranian regime, which is the main sponsor for various terror plots in the world, has killed American in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as in Lebanon. Besides, these very well orchestrated attacks have killed civilians in various places such as Berlin, Paris, Jerusalem just to mention but a few. This may be because Iranian regime has never faced dire consequences of hostility. It is even willing to run a dangerous operation on American soil.

The operation stand no chance to be termed as a rogue operation because the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, who controls the IRGC-Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as well as the special unit of the IRGC, massively channeled more resources to support oversees operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. This was a well orchestrated operation which was authorized at the highest government levels of Iranian regime. You should also note the IRGC special unit known as the Squd, is entirely responsible for training abroad terror group as well as giving military and financial support to the Iranian proxies. Besides, they are responsible for series of terror outrages abroad. These operations are planned and executed with the help of Iranian regime because most of the executions are done from the Iranian Embassies; the terrorists normally disguise as menial workers, administrative personnel or just as diplomats.

There should not raise questions of where the ultimate responsibility lies in this plot because Quds Force is part of IRGC, meaning that they are bound by their Supreme Leader loyalty oath. It is also clear that the execution of these operations is warranted and permitted by the Supreme Leader himself. There is no way, for instance, you can term the well planned and executed assassination of Saudi Ambassador in DC as a rogue element attack. Rather, it is a something very well planned and approved from the topmost echelons of the state and executed with very close cooperation with Iranian embassies and other missions abroad, possible even in America.

Every country is watching as the terror attack planned and executed by the Iranian echelons escalate. But should this be the style really?. For those who have followed Iranian ties, and their long history with the Al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah in murdering US civilians, this should not be news to you. This is not a faceoff to be given to anyone or partisan policy institutes. Mark Dubowitz CEO of FDD, has what it takes to come up with credible approach to address this global concern.

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